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Miller Steel Buildings vs Pole Barns

Miller Steel Buildings

• Miller’s steel girts and purlins have either a red oxide or zinc galvanized coating applied at the mill to protect against rust. They will not warp or bend due to weather.

• Steel buildings are not subject to termites.

• Steel buildings structures are not subject to fire hazards and can result in a 35 to 40% insurance savings.

• Miller’s steel building design does not include a bottom cord which then eliminates the need for a higher pitched roof to shed snow and results in 100% utilized space. This lower pitch roof means higher energy efficiency with less area to heat. It also eliminates a place for birds to roost in the building.

Pole Barn

• Pole barns have unpainted wooden girts and purlins. They will tend to bow and warp which causes the screws to loosen and the holes to widen which is a leading cause of roof leaks.

• Wood is subject to termite infestation.

• Pole buildings are subject to fire hazards and may result in 35 to 40% higher insurance costs.

• The rafters in pole buildings have a cord stretching from one side of the building to the other. This takes up space in the building and is a place for birds to perch and their droppings may cause damage to equipment or open up the possibility for Avian influenza.