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Educational Facilities Storage Units

Optimize Outdoor Storage
Educational Facilities Storage Units will help you organize and optimize your storage needs. These sturdy units are available in a variety of sizes and colors. They come assembled, and ready for use, to your site. They don’t require foundations and can be placed on stone, asphalt, or concrete. These structures are ideal for storage of seasonal athletic equipment and other groundskeeping tools and equipment.
• All steel construction
• Standing seam roof
• Sizes up to 10’ x 50’
• Peak or shed roof design
• Delivered complete
• Plywood or steel floors



ROOF LOADS: Roof loads from 30 to 110 lbs. ground snow load (Snow Load Factor .7) and wind loads from 70 to 150 mph

ROOF PITCH: 1/2" in 12", up to 1" in 12"

EAVE HEIGHT: 8'4" & 9'4"

STRUCTURAL: Columns are 16" wide, 16 gauge "C" channel covered with a 26 gauge galvanized panel; factory painted with Signature 200 color coating (14 colors available) A 40 year limited manufacturer's paint warranty. Headers are 26 gauge factory painted panels matching the color and prole of the roll-up doors. Posts and purlins are 16 gauge.

EXTERIOR FRAMED OPENINGS: 8'8" and 3'8" wide by 7'0" high. Dummy door panels or "R" panel factory painted sheeting will be used at the corners of the building.

ROOF: 24 gauge bare Galvalume Plus Standing Seam with a xed clip system. 20 year manufacturer's warranty. Gutters and downspouts (or false gutters) are available as an option. Insulation: Ply-Foil Bubble.

FLOOR SYSTEM: Three layer system combining pressure-treated lumber and galvanized metal, within a frame of 16 gauge steel. The suboor is constructed of pressure-treated 2x4's laid at and topped by 2x4 oor joists on 16" centers. The interior ooring system is made up of 3/4" exterior grade plywood. The entire perimeter of the oor is then framed in 16 gauge steel which forms a 3/4" raised lip to keep water out.

ANCHOR SYSTEM: All four corners have a bracket assembly that will be bolted to a ground rod, which we supply.

WALL PANELS: 26 gauge Galvalume Plus "R" panel with Signature 200 color coating (14 colors available.) 40 year manufacturer's paint warranty.

PARTITIONS: 29 gauge Galvalume Plus "U" panels, used as unit dividers.

DOORS: Roll-up doors are 26 gauge pre-painted galvanized steel complete with coil springs, brackets, door stops, slide latch and bottom bar with rubber astragal. (23 colors available) 40 year manufacturer's limited paint warranty.

· All Galvanized Structural Material
· Flush Door Jambs and Headers
· Galvanized Structural Door Jambs
· Vinyl-Backed Fiberglass Insulatio
· Gutters and Downspouts
· Storage Master Locks
· Metal Floor System

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