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Metal Church Buildings - Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings

Metal Church Buildings:  Churches, traditional places of worship have been constructed with a combination of stone and wood, making it cost prohibitive to build today.  Pre-engineered steel buildings have become popular for cost conscious developers of religious facilities.  The tapered steel beam found in a steel building is ideal for the high profile roof and clear span interior commonly found in churches.  Steel trusses used for churches are easy to conceal or disguise as wooden beams.  Steel beams will not rot, attract termites, or catch on fire like a wood truss.

Metal Churches Frame
Metal Church Buildings
Steel Church Buildings Outside

Metal Churches Inside
Steel Church Buildings
Metal Churches

Metal Church Buildings Inside
Steel Church Buildings Inside

Chester County, PA

Metal Churches Construction

Metal Church Buildings Outside
Steel Church Buildings

Chester County, PA

Metal Churches Before
Metal Church Buildings Before

Steel Church Buildings Before
Metal Churches After

Metal Church Buildings After
Philadelphia County, PA